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梦幻唯美公益广告-麻雀, 9.4 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

为了糊口不得不在这儿放一个偌大偌丑的广告 见谅见谅>.<

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  1. MOPVHS说道:


  2. Eddy说道:

    听着曲调像是lady and bird的歌..

  3. sleepingdog说道:

    水平有限 只能听到这程度:
    This is our love story from my own point of view. It started as I was watching you from above..then I decided to go down to meet you…As I was falling odwn, we had some kind of …(这个词听了几遍也没听清)I saw you coming closer and closer to me, but the sad story was, I gave all my powers to you…I could no longer fly any more. I have no other choice. I’m coming to tell you…I can’t say anything to you. I’m just falling down into ,so soft into your arms. I became you.

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